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All received feedback is valuable to us. It is utilised for quality control and improving our operations. Please note that any personal or other confidential information should not be included in the feedback due to security reasons. Nor can a booked appointment be cancelled via any feedback form. In such cases, please contact the unit that treated you.

Your feedback helps us develop our services

General customer feedback

We are happy to receive feedback on treatment and other matters concerning our operations in order to develop our services. You can give feedback on the care or service you or your loved one has received. This can be done verbally already during the treatment, by filling in a written feedback form or via electronic feedback devices that can be found in some of our units. Supervisors handle feedback concerning their own units.

The wellbeing services county of North Ostrobothnia does not yet have a unified customer feedback system. Please ask for the different ways to give feedback at the unit your are visiting.

Questions or inquiries concerning treatment or services

We do not answer questions concerning treatment via customer feedback systems. In these cases, please contact the unit treating you.

Cancellation or changing of appointments

You cannot cancel or change the time of your appointment via any feedback form. In these cases, please contact the unit treating you.

Patient and customer rights and complaints

You can give feedback already while being treated. All feedback helps us improve our activities. Supervisors handle feedback concerning their own units. You can report a dangerous incident that happened to yourself or a relative, by filling in a notification of dangerous situation.

Patient ombudsmen will assist you in submitting possible objections and complaints. The Patient Ombudsman is an advocate for your rights who provides advice and counselling in matters related to your treatment and interaction with you. The Patient Ombudsman provides neutral advice. More detailed information on patient ombudsmen at Pohde is available only in Finnish for the time being.

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Due to security reasons, DO NOT include any personal or confidential information in the feedback.
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